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Our yoga shala is a 45 sqm space which can comfortably fit 15 mats.

It's high vaulted ceiling and beams along with the large window, facing onto the zen garden,  allow for a bright and light atmosphere.  


Enjoy our Zen garden where you can stay for a drink and chat with other students after class during the summer months. 

If you are interested in hiring the space for your workshop or event contact us at

As a lover of all styles of yoga I really wanted to create a studio which showed the diversity of the practice.

We have classes for pre and post natal ladies, children, Aerial yoga, Yin yoga, yoga Nidra, pranayama and meditation classes, Vinyasa yoga, Embodied flow, Rocket yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Kundalini and Kirtan sessions.

Check the schedule below and try as many different classes and teachers as you can to find the yoga style that resonates with you.


class schedule

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Saturday 21st August - Activate your creativity and connect with your inner child  

Kundalini yoga & Yoga of Sound Workshop 14h - 15h30    20€  click here to book

Kirtan Session- Mantras chanting                 16h - 17h           10€  click here to book

25€ for both sessions combined  - reserve now and  pay on the day

Kundalini Workshops

Gabrielle Ducomble-489_500KB.jpg

Singer-songwriter and founder of Vibration of Life, Gabrielle offers Kundalini yoga and Sound Yoga classes and workshops as well as mantra chanting sessions.

Combining the practice of kundalini yoga (awakening of self-awareness), meditations and visualisations, chanting of sacred sounds and mantras. This vibrational experience leads to a deep state of harmony, peace, self-confidence and a higher level of consciousness.

The objective is to induce the individual to feel an inner strength due to the alignment and balance of energy center's allowing the creation of the life desired.

Backbend Workshop

10th of July  11.00am - 13.30 with Xiao Lumen 

Tickets 30€  click here to book

Reserve now and pay on the day 

A moment to explore your comfort in various backbends. Light will be shed on the physical, emotional and energetic benefits of opening the heart and psoas.
These postures help to move forward with confidence. Xiao will make you feel the balance between the front and the back of the body, the pelvis and the shoulders, the anchoring and the lightness. She will teach you how to securely relax the spine and engage the belly.

Stretching the front of the body stimulates vitality, positive thoughts and creativity. A workshop to nourish joy and health!
The opening of the shoulders allows you to breathe better and to prepare for inversions. Recommended workshop before Teacher Training Inversions.

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Ayurveda and Beauty Workshop

Helena Subijana, the creator of 'Maison de Veda', will be joining us for a weekend of workshops introducing us to the principles of Ayurveda 

24th of July

10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Ayurvedic detox cuisine.

Helena will introduce you to the principle of Ayurvedic detox by cooking ghee and kitchari together.  Ghee is inseparable from Ayurvedic beauty through its action, among other things, purifying, regenerating and supporting the immune system. And what about the kitchari? It provides the nutrients necessary for a good energy balance and releases your toxins in the healthy and sustainable way of yogis while stimulating the energy necessary for your daily life.

After cooking the meal ... :-) bon appetit

3pm - 5pm Cleaning of the 5 senses followed by a meditation 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

This ritual workshop will clean the 5 senses: taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch.

Using entirely natural products that I have carefully selected for you and thanks to the philosophical teachings of Ayurveda, we will purify these 5 senses essential to our well-being in order to apprehend with serenity and fullness the inner world and outside.

25th of July

10am - 12 pm Ayurvedic Beauty - create and use your cosmetics 100%. 

Helena offers you a workshop on Ayurvedic beauty. For those concerned about their beauty, we will learn how to concoct some body and face care recipes in the pure Ayurvedic tradition, prepared with natural, fresh and economical products.

Pay on the day

1 workshop 30€

2 workshops 50€

3 workshops 75€

Breathwork Ceremonies

Nicholas Bompar, the creator of 'Le Souffle de Vie', is a breathwork shaman who spent many years living in South America learning his craft, before developing his own profound technique. His breathwork ceremonies are transformative and magical taking you to your deepest depths within.

Contact Nicholas on 0622694437 to book on his upcoming ceremonies

12th June 2pm

27th June 2pm

4th July 2pm

11th July 2pm


teacher trainings 

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30hr Inversion and Arm balance

YACEP taught by Laura Helm and Tina Zhou in English with French translation

(no previous teacher training needed)

3 full days - July 16th, 17th and 18th

8.30am till 19.00pm

Organic Vegan lunch provided 

Price €360 per person​ training only.

 Click here to book

What you are going to learn?

  • Improve your inversion and arm balance practice.

  • Learn all the components needed for a successful inversion practice.

  • Improve your anatomy knowledge.

  • Learn drills and techniques to quickly advance your practice.

  • Increase your confidence when teaching arm balances and inversions, including implementing partner drills and how to assist successfully.

  • Learn creative sequencing in order set yourself and your students up for success when executing these advanced postures.

Click here to book


50hr Yoga Philosophy and Subtle Anatomy : Coming Soon

In his 50hr training will be diving deep into the traditional teachings of yogic philosophy and subtle anatomy. No prior teacher training or desire to be a teacher is required to take this course, you may simply use this as a tool to deepen your personal practice. 


By the end of the training you will become more aware of your energy body on an intellectual and physical level. If you are a yoga teacher this course will enable you to confidently integrate these profound teachings into your lessons.

What you are going to learn?

Hardcover Book

​Yoga Philosophy

  • Origins of Yoga- what is yoga?

  • Different paths of Yoga  

  • The 3 Gunas

  • 7 stages of consciousness

  • Sutras of Patanjali 

  • Vedanta philosophy 

  • Upanishads

  • Krishnamurti 


The Energetic Body 

  • The 5 Koshas

  • The 5 Vayus 

  • The 3 Granthis 

  • The Chakras

  • Pranayama

  • Kundalini

  • Mudras

  • Bandhas

Third Eye

Beyond Yoga​

  • Shat Kriyas

  • Mantras

  • Laws of the universe

  • Gods/ Goddesses

  • Karmic cycle

  • Sacred geometry 

  • Modern teachings  

  • Nutrition


Example of daily schedule 


6h30 Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Journalling

8h30 BREAK

9h- 11h Lecture


13hr - 14h30 Lecture

14h30 BREAK

14h45 – 15h45 Lecture/ workshop/ theming 

15h45 BREAK

16h – 17h  Lecture

17h – 18.30 Asana, Pranayama, Nidra/ Yoga hypno/ Chanting

18h30 -18h45 Class discussion, questions…