Creator of The Yoga House, Laura is a hypnotherapist and an experienced Yoga teacher. Having first discovered Yoga 20 years ago, it is only in the past 10 years that Laura committed to her practice. She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Embodied flow at the studio, expect her classes to be strong, fluid, playful and full of grace. Passionate about empowering her students connect to their bodies, empty their minds and connect with their own inner teacher she guides her students deeper within with her detailed embodying cues.




Tina has been teaching Yoga for over 10 years. Teaching in large studios in both Asia and Europe. She teaches Surfer Flow, Rocket Yoga, Vinyasa  and Acro Yoga at the studio. Her clear cues and extensive knowledge both inspires and enables her students to progress and feel confident of their capabilities in their physical practice.



Lucile completed her training in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa in India in Goa, as well as in Fly High Yoga in Ubud in Bali, and more recently in Yin with Studio YUJ in Paris. Lucile teaches Fly High Yoga at the studio, an aerial practice inspired by Iyengar, accessible to all levels. It is practiced using a suspended strap, and allows students to go further in basic postures, facilitates alignments and allows easier access to inverted postures. For Lucile, the most important thing in a class is that everyone can feel welcome, reconnect with their body and their breath. Inhale the positive and exhale the negative. 

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Marie Emile has been practicing yoga since the age of fifteen, and is passionate about sharing the positive effects of yoga on the body to meet specific needs. She specialised in therapeutic yoga, in postural alignment (Iyengar method) and in yoga for future / young mothers, in order to be able to teach an inclusive practice. Enabling everyone to connect to their body, in awareness and lightness and to have fun by deepening the practice with accuracy and safety.



Whether she speaks or sings, her vibrant Voice transports us to an inner journey, powerful and soft. Here is how Xiao teaches you to take care of yourself, to be in harmony.
She grew up impregnated in both Chinese and Eastern traditions which she incorporates into her Yogic teachings. Her travels in Indonesia, Australia and India inspired her classes of Yin, Nidra and Vinyasa. Her precise instructions along with her energetic touch improve the benefits of the practice, especially in Yin Yoga. Nutritionist, she supports natural medicine. She transmits transformative philosophy. Every class recharges the Spirit and the Body, and leaves you empowered, peaceful and happy.



Gabrielle joins us in the studio on a monthly basis and for Kundalini and Kirtan sessions. Sharing her Vibration of Life workshops inviting you to explore a practice that combines the benefits of yoga and the power of sound. Her workshops take you on a journey through sounds and silence into a deep sense of serenity, truth and clarity. Joining together her passions of music and yoga, Gabrielle has been a jazz singer and composer for 15 years, a signed artist with three albums released.  In touch with the spiritual world since very young, she discovered yoga and more particularly Kundalini Yoga over 10 years ago.