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awakening shakti

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Invoke the Goddess within

Delayed until 2024

Portugal - Douro Valley


Gabrielle and Laura



As you can see from the brochure we have different prices depending on which room you would like to request. To guarantee your spot you can pay in full below, if you would like a payment plan please contact us at and we can discuss it further. We can't wait for you to join us on this magical retreat.

1 person in private room - £1150  

2 people sharing double bed in private room £1800 

Single bed in shared room with 1 other person-


Single bed in dorm room


Bunk bed in dorm room


Throughout this 6 day/ 5 night retreat we will be diving deep into the transformative, healing power of the goddess energy. We will explore individual goddesses and the transformational power they hold, recognising aspects of the goddess energy within ourselves and learning how to harness this energy, to step forward into our lives with our true authentic light shining bright.


Classes will focus on topics such as self-confidence and self love, finding balance, improving intuition, using our voice, co-creating with the universe and exploring our own unique potential. Awakening the Shakti within and feeling an inner strength due to the alignment of the energetic centres, allowing you to create your most desired life.


The practice will be a combination of flow yoga, kundalini yoga, yin yoga, Kirtan mantra, sound yoga and meditation. 

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dorm room.jpg

surrender into space

Embrace the space and surrender into the state of pure gratitude

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15th June -20th June 2023

France - French Pyrenees


Laura and Ziba

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Throughout this 6 day/5 night retreat, immersed in the heart of nature, we will provide you with the chance to travel deeply within yourself, open your heart and surrender.   Using the physical practice of yoga asana we will create space in the body by noticing how the use of breath and slight micro movements can allow the Prana to flow more easily. Through the explorations of these micro adjustments you will find more space in each posture, allowing you to connect to the sensation of expansion and expansiveness that resides within. Our heart opening practices will enable you to sink into surrender and hopefully experience the all composing sensation of bliss and gratitude that follows such moments.

Ziba will lead us in Satsang / Group spiritual reflection. Which will serve as an opportunity to ask questions and examine, ponder and contemplate through independent thought. She offers you an independent route to enquiry supported by the 3 Vedic pillars : Shruti - truth         Anubhava - experience        Yukti - Inference

Surrender all the preconceived notions of who you think you are, surrender the need to be anything other, surrender to a higher power, surrender to the flow of the universe, soften, except, receive, BE.





Illuminate and Soar Retreat

With Laura Helm

​Dates to be confirmed - register your interest via email.

A complete chakra clearing energy tune up using pranayama, asana, mudra, mantra and hypnotherapy

Advance your practice and travel deeper within using the power of hypnotherapy and yoga.

Aligning, clearing and balancing the chakras, removing obstacles and releasing old programming preventing you from stepping into your power.  Gain a deeper understanding of the breath and how to use it in order to create a fluid, graceful practice, enabling you to easily invert into handstands, forearm stands and headstands.


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